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Born in Algiers, Algeria, Amine has lived in 6 different countries and traveled across the globe. Growing up between two cultures and between academic and artistic worlds has given him a unique outlook that has become representative of his work as a classically trained multi- instrumentalist, composer, producer and artist.

Between 2016 and 2020 Amine toured and performed with I M U R, an award-winning, Vancouver-based Alt-RnB group with over 10 million streams across multiple platforms, during which time he worked alongside numerous artists across Canada and the United States. Amine has performed on the main stages of Bumbershoot Music Festival, Shambhala, Bass Coast, M for Montreal and Halifax Pop Explosion. In addition to being awarded Best Dance/Electronic album in 2019 he was also selected to represent Music BC in India as a cross-cultural artist in 2018, performing at NH7 Weekender and Magnetic Fields in Pune and Alsisar, India, respectively. Most recently he was selected to attend the national lauded Allen Slaight Music Lab for composers at the Canadian Film Centre.

Since 2017 Amine has composed and produced music for wide-ranging and diverse film content. His goal is to become a catalyst in representing the stories of marginalized communities, which are so often left untold in today's media landscape. Examples of such stories include: The struggles of managing an eating disorder (A Calling Void); of African-American communities displaced from western Canada (Union Street); and of the power of dance and art as a means to deal with the pressures of immigration (Beyond Borders). As such, Amine is deeply committed to the craft of film composing and looks forward to a lifetime dedicated to its pursuit. He has most recently been selected to attend the nationally lauded Allan Slaight Music Residency at the Canadian Film Centre.

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